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Creative and Aptitude Capabilities


Why Raise
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Trust the Science
Behind Childhood Development
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Raise the future Sundar Pichai & Kalpana Chawla

Build Pillars of Academic Strength while Making the Process of Learning Fun and Easy

Boost the learning aptitude in your kids at the early stage. Interest them and captivate them with personalized books and rhymes to improve responsiveness and engagement to subjects.

Preparing Kids for the Future Ahead

We Lay a Foundation
for your Child’s Bright Future

Open-ended personalized learning experience that focus on the practical implementation that helps kids to flourish and grow every day.

Child Brain Development


Why Choose MySuperKid

  1. Instills Confidence

    Personalized Interactive learning boosts the communication skills of children and helps them communicate their emotions and thoughts well. This helps in instilling confidence by putting across opinions and ideas.

  2. Enriched Vocabulary

    Step-by-Step learning curriculum helps in a guided and structured learning process. It helps in developing new vocabulary and the curiosity to learn and know more.

  3. Improves Creativity

    The cognitive learning module promotes the development of both hemispheres of the brain. It promotes reasoning and creative thinking process. The modules helps in developing the interest to build new things.

  4. Encourages Adaptability

    The life skills developed via MySuperKids has helped preschoolers to adapt themselves to newer surroundings and be aware of the correct mannerism in new environment. The psychological development is emphasized in our curriculum.

  5. Enhances Logical Thinking

    The subjects and books are designed in a way to help kids develop the analytical and logical thinking capabilities at early age. This aids them in understanding subject and logically derive conclusions later in life.

  6. Proven across the Globe

    Kids across the globe have shown amazing results in the improvement of their learning pattern and behavioral adaptability. Parents trust our scientific approach in helping kids be the best version of themselves.

We Raise Super Kids


Our exclusive curriculum, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enables you to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.

Never believed I can build mathematical and logical skill in my child, but now he loves numbers, looks like he has carving for numbers, loves to play with numbers, counts money, enjoys puzzles and the best part is he attemps anything you ask him to do

My daughter Shreya is enjoying the learning. She is getting attracted to the books on her own and eagerly does the activities every day..

My son started with MySuperKid books few years ago. Today, I must say that the books had a great impact on his learning. He grasps the subjects better, has great behaviour and manners and is not at all fussy while going to school or while studying. All credit goes to MySuperKid..

My baby girl started pronouncing difficult terms and words at a very early stage. She started to learn counting and was great with communication. Today, after 4 years, she is representing herself in national Olympiad. I have taken the subscription for my younger son. I believe in curriculum of MySuperKid..

Very good concept. My son is grasping and has improved a lot .

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Our Highlights


Awards & Recognitions


Dr. Praveen Kumar, receiving the award from Brainfeed Magazine for MySuperKid, adjudged as the most Innovative Product of the Year.


MySuperKid recognised as the Best Early Childhood Education Program in Singapore by the Singapore Ministry of Education in 2015.


Dr. Praveen Kumar receiving the International Education & Research Excellence Award for the best Interactive Learning Model in the Euro Tour.