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What We Do

  • We are an education company focused on the overall well-being and inclusive growth of the child. Our programs are designed to help parents and teachers to understand the child better and help them excel in all walks of life.

    We are multi-faceted creatures with a range of complex emotions, deep connections to the natural world, seekers of the mystery, with an innate need to create, to share, to understand & to be understood. It is the Holistic view that recognizes this concept and the Holistic Education model that seeks its implementation- for the enrichment of the “whole” learner. The student is viewed Holistically through Seven Domains: gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, social/emotional, self-help/adaptive, and Spiritual/moral.

    The purpose of this education model is to develop the whole learner into a healthy, intelligent, compassionate, creative, and productive human who is capable of leading an empowered and enriched life. The Seven Domains is an all inclusive approach that nurtures the highest growth potential of each child. The Seven Domains underlay all planning in learning and reflection.

How it works

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    We evaluate the child on multiple parameters and come out with comprehensive report on IQ, EQ, Behaviour and Personality Plotting, Language and Vocabulary.

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    Once the evaluation is complete, we discuss the result with parent and teacher together.

    This helps the teacher to plan the classroom strategy for every child.

    Parents understand the exact problem, if any, improvement areas and strength of the child.

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    Set Goal

    Next Step – A goal is set for next 3 months based on the evaluation and activities for the child are given to parents to be executed at home. Teachers are given a comprehensive classroom plan for each child.

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    We again evaluate the child after 3 months, on all parameters, and achievements/progress is documented, and new goals are set.

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    Repeat & Grow

    The process is repeated every 3 months.


What we Deliver:

  • We don’t give any physical books or any physical kit. We suggest therapy and activities that are easy to implement at home.

  • We give the shortcomings of each child to the teacher and train the teacher on small steps that can be implemented in the classroom.

  • There is absolutely no interference in the academic calendar or curriculum of the school.

  • Our reports can be a part of the progress report.

Support and Service:

  • The teacher can contact the concerned counsellor at MSK from Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM for any help, discussion or problem with respect to any child.

  • Parents can also access the counsellor support.

  • All the calls from parents to our counsellor happen only on recorded line and this is reported via weekly report to the school.

  • No consulting happens without the knowledge of the school.

Data Sharing and Privacy:

  • MSK doesn’t share the data collected or analyzed for any child with any third party.

  • An NDA with this regard will be signed with the school.

  • MSK will not bypass the communication channel setup and approved by the school at any time. This shall be the part of the agreement.

Planning and Reports


Sample Goal Settings

  • To increase vocabulary by 100 words
  • To increase attention span by 5 minutes
  • To overcome anxiety on difficult subjects
  • To train to communicate effectively and appropriately in real-pfe situations
  • To build a proactive winning attitude
  • To improve pstening skills

Benefits for the school

  • A comprehensive assistance from 60 plus trained professionals to mould the children
  • A learning environment where parents is also a part of students’ growth and accomplishment
  • Results in positive and self-aware children who are ready to take on life.
  • Higher academic result, Higher participation in co-curricular activities, Satisfied and happy parents

Duration of the Program

  • The MSK program shall be implemented for Kindergarten/Nursery and Primary classes (Classes 1 to 5).
  • >The duration of the association shall be 3 years. Dewdrops Innovations shall not charge anything during this whole association.