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What We Do

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    Live Interactive Online Classes for Kids

    Our interactive virtual classes offer your little ones the chance to connect, explore, and learn with their fellow peers all while being in the comfort of their own homes. Our 60-minute programs are thoughtfully crafted with your child’s needs in mind. Lessons will cover the academic fundamentals (letters, shapes, numbers, etc.) along with daily themes, activities and crafts to encourage focus, creativity, and growth.

    Online learning enables preschool students to cultivate observation, analytical, and problem-solving skills. The expected learning outcomes are similar to a real-time classroom environment.

How it works

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    Search classes by age and location

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    Find times that work best and book instantly

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    Get started and achieve results

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    Every fortnight evaluation and child’s learning needs are identified

  • Focus on all 7-domain development

  • Foundation for mentally strong, emotionally balanced child

  • Unique and customised content as per the growth and learning demand of the child

  • Educational Child Psychologists to lay the learning and emotional need content.

  • Each child is unique; so are their learning needs.

  • We choose only the most qualified and passionate educators through rigorous certifications screening, background checks, and interviews.

  • Personalized, adaptive learning plan for every child

  • Continuous feedback on your child’s progress

  • We proudly stand by our service, and we are certain that you’ll be satisfied with your experience.


  • Preparing the child to advance faster in school
  • Laying solid foundation for academic success
  • Accelerating the children’s learning
  • Developing mental calculation skills in children
  • Improving concentration ability
  • Boosting critical thinking skills with each new lesson
  • Inculcates patience and discipline

Lesson Plans & Timings


Age 2 to 3.5

1 hour per day (20 mins session + 10 mins break + 30 mins session) – 5 days per week


Age 3.5 to 4.5

1.5 hours per day (20 mins session + 10 mins break + 25 mins session + 10 mins break + 25 mins session) – 5 days per week


Age 4.5 to 6

2 hours per day (20 mins session + 10 mins break + 25 mins session + 10 mins break + 25 mins session + 10 mins break + 20 mins session) – 5 days per week