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Product Related Questions

What is the size of books?

8 x 8 inch - Rhyme book

Other books - A4 size

How many page numbers are there in each book?

24 to 28 pages

Is the book reusable?

Not as of now, but we are working on it.

Will the books get easily torn or will it last longer?

The book is made of good quality paper with glossy paper back which is hard for the child to tear.

Which curriculum does the book follow?

The book is designed as per developmental stages of early years. Our books will help the child to build a very strong base for their core subjects. (Language, Math and Science), thereby enabling them to follow any curriculum.

Can the child, work independently?

As the books cater to early years of the child we recommend you to guide the child.

Can we measure the changes in child in any way or how do we know my child is improving?

Yes you can. You might notice the child showing less tantrums and expressing his emotions better, or you might notice the child behaving with good manners, or you might notice the child putting in more effort to speak in English, etc based on whichever set of books you have got for the child.

How much time do we as a parent have to give to the child to get desired result from MySuperKid?

It takes around 20 minutes of your time on an average. We believe, as a parent, you should be able to give this much time for the well being of your own child.

We are working parents and don't have much time for the kid. Will we be able to reap the benefits of the course?

MySuperKid Books don’t take much of your time. You are required to act just as a facilitator. Once the child gets used to the books, your time can be reduced further. Initially you might have to spend on an average of 20 minutes; again it differs for every child.

Can't I enroll in yearly package in one go?

We would suggest you to go for our Beginner's pack as it will help you to understand our product.

Can I get the set of only English or Math or EVS book?

The books are designed following integrated learning pattern without having any subject boundaries. This helps the child to develop in a holistic way. Hence its available as a complete set.

My child is intelligent, can write alphabets and numbers, can spell and can recite rhymes. Why do I need to buy him MySuperKid Books?

MySuperKid is a result of research of scientists and researchers on interactive learning and its effects on long term results. One wonders how kids who do good since the very beginning, achieve real greatness in life. They have much clarity of the fields they pursue. MySuperKid focuses on the development of a child across multiple parameters apart from just reciting and memorizing. MySuperKid helps the child to develop the reasoning skills, implements creativity and imaginative learning, problem solving skills, etc. These are collectively called life skills, which are required to achieve and lead a successful life - be it career, financial or personal goals. Researches have shown that in the stage of 2-6 years of age, children progress through a rapid physical, cognitive and emotional growth and change. And MySuperKid aims to make this growth optimal.

My child goes to the best school. Why should I get MySuperKid books for him/her?

2020 has made us realize the importance of learning pattern. Schools guide 20-40 kids at a time. Every child requires attention and one must understand their learning pattern to help them with their growth. In 2020, when the world turned digital, it was hard to keep the attention of the kids focused in the studies. With interactive books and a personalized curriculum, parents can easily help their kids to get interested in learning. Kids can independently form the interest to learn and understand subjects. With MySuperKid, the creative personality is unlocked at an early stage. This gives the kids the independence to understand, grasp and chose the pattern to learn and achieve. Having a good school to support and accelerate the learning process. But a school cannot provide you Books on life skills like thinking skills, reasoning skills, creativity and imagination, problem solving skills, etc. We always suggest parents to try the personalized curriculum by MySuperKid in addition with the school. The curriculum is mostly the same, except we highlight the interactive model for your kid’s better understanding.

My child is already overburdened with homework that he gets from school. Why should I overload him/her with additional Books from MySuperKid?

MySuperKid is created with the mission to make learning fun for children. Kids at the age of 2-6 years are like an open canvas and all that we need to do is give them the right color to paint their life with. The curriculum is same as that taught in school. But instead of overburdening them, MySuperKid helps in interactive learning and in making the kids understand everything that they learn so that they can build a foundation. Every book is personalized to make it fun and easy. This not only helps the kids but also assists the parents in teaching their kids in the right way. At MySuperKid, we don't teach alphabets and numbers. We intend to develop the brain as a whole, focusing on different life skills. Children at this stage are in their own imaginary world, where everything revolves around them. Our Books are designed based on the psychology and the imagination of the child. Thus we make the children accept our books as a part of their world. Hence they enjoy learning and we develop their skills without even them realizing it.

What is the guarantee that my child will develop the way you have told us?

Each child will take their own time to show and develop the fondness for learning and understanding concepts. Every child is different and the result in their behavior whatever they have been taught through our books will reflect differently. Gradually with time, you will be able to visibly notice the changes in their behavior and the way they handle their emotions and other day to day activities. Apart from this, you as a parent would notice their inclination and learning pattern. This would help you in moulding them for the future career goals.

Can we buy multiple set of Books in one go?

Yes, you can. MySuperKid offers 3 packages- for 1 month, for 6 months and for 1 year. The average costing of the 1year package is comparatively cheaper to the other two packages. The packages will be provided with a guided instruction on which level to take at what time frame. This will help you to teach the kids in a more organized manner at the pace your kid is comfortable with.

Is it mandatory to enroll for a one year course?

No. But we recommend you to enroll for our yearly package to see significant growth in your child.

Brand Related Questions

How many children/parents are enrolled in your program?

7000 +

For how many years are you there in the market?

7 yrs

What is the production process?

1) Parent will give us good quality pictures of the child - Front and side angle.

2) We create a caricature of the child which goes on each page of our books.

3) We print the book with your child's name.

Delivery Related Questions

How much time does it take to get a book delivered?

10-12 days

Is shipping free?

Yes, only in India

If I take yearly package what is the schedule of delivery?

There are 3 Terms divided into 2 Sets comprising of 44 books in total.

Set 1 of Term 1 will be delivered by 10-12 days from the date of the order.

Thereafter, you will receive the remaining sets bi-monthly.

What if I don't like the book after I receive it? Can I return it and get refund?

Our product is not for aesthetic purpose but is scientifically researched and well developed catering to the growth of the child. We are sure you would like our books once the child starts spending time with it.

Is COD available?

As it is a personalized product we don't offer COD.

What is you return/refund policy?


What if I receive a damaged product? Will I get refund? Will I receive a new set?

We will replace the damaged product (If proven that the damage took place while in transit) with a fresh set of books, free of cost.

If you receive damaged books, it should be reported within 12 hours from the time of receipt.

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