Age 2+

Curious Caterpillars

Our customized rhymes, each with an aimed objective is a great way of introducing sounds with rhyme awareness for early years.

  • Age 2+

    List of Rhymes

    Our Curious Caterpillars (age group 2+) have just begun developing their listening and speaking skills.

    Our set of 30 emergent rhymes will assure you a remarkable growth in developing their phonemic awareness and will help them to get along with language sounds.

    • Ding Dong Bell

    • Tommy Thumb

    • Body Part Song

    • Betty Botter

    • The Bear Went Over The Mountain

    • Are You Sleeping

    • Finger Family

    • Down In The Jungle

    • Two Little Dicky Birds

    • Cobble Cobbler

    • Once I Saw A Little Bird

    • Curly Locks

    • Bird House

    • Pat A Cake

    • Clap Your Hands

    • Bye, Baby Bunting

    • Teddy Bear

    • Hop A Little Jump A Little

    • Georgie Porgie

    • I Have A Little Frog

    • Little Peter Rabbit

    • Yankee Doodle

    • Hush Little Baby

    • Bingo

    • Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush

    • If Your Happy And You Know It

    • Incy Wincy Spider

    • Row Row Row A Boat

    • Teady Bear Teady Bear

    • Lousy Locket

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    Any 5 Rhymes @ Rs. 1,999/-