Age 4+

Constructive Butterflies

Our customized rhymes, each with an aimed objective is a great way of building memory and articulation ability. This will foster child's conceptual understanding.

  • Age4+

    List of Rhymes

    Our Constructive Butterflies (age group 4+) can now recite their rhymes fluently. A little boost and they will be the masters.

    Our set of 30 proficient rhymes will mentor them in their journey of building memory and developing conceptual understanding through rhymes.

    • The Polly Put The Kettle On

    • A Wise Old Owl

    • Wee Willie Winkie

    • Hokey Pokey

    • Season Song

    • Zoom Zoom Zoom We Are Going To The Moon

    • Old Mother Habbard

    • Pease Porridge Hot

    • Roses Are Red

    • Baby Shark

    • Tooty Toota

    • Wishy Washer Washer Woman

    • I Am Little Penguin

    • African Safari

    • African Animals

    • Pop Goes The Weasel

    • Spring Is Here

    • Sleeping Bunnies

    • 5 Little Bunnies Song

    • Found A Peanut

    • Dow By The Bay

    • I Had A Little Rooster

    • I Like Trucks

    • The Ants Go Marching

    • The Muffin Man

    • Hello Song

    • Bits Of Paper

    • Rolly Polly

    • Fly Fly Fly The Butterfly

    • Old King Cole

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    Any 5 Rhymes @ Rs. 1,999/-