MySuperKid Reviews
AWe started the SuperKid books with our daughter when she was 2 years and 3 months old. Within 2 months of the using the books,  I am able to see a huge difference in her attitude.B

Pratibha Sinha
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-1178

AI am so happy and amazed with the progress my son is making. Really very good books. It has been a year now since my son is undergoing the using the mysuperkid books.B 

Rajeev Khandelwal
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-2144

AMy daughter Shreya is enjoying the learning. She is getting attracted to the books on her own and eagerly does the activities every day.B

Shikha Verma
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-2761

AVery good concept. My son is grasping and has improved a lot.B

Aniket K
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-754

ASimply Superb !!!B

Pradeep Sharma
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-952

AMySuperKid is really amazing. Initially I had a doubt whether MySuperKid will work or not. But I  am thrilled by the way his vocabulary has improved. My son speaks and understands more words than other kids of his age.B

Kuldeep Srivastava
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-1376

ANever believed I can build mathematical and logical skills in my child. But now he loves numbers. Looks like he has a craving for numbers and loves to play with them. He also counts money, enjoys puzzles and the best part is that he attempts anything you ask him to do.B

Saurav Shukla
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-2552

AI am impressed. Thanks a lot, Dr. Praveen.B

Suman Jain
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-1907

AMy daughter speaks so clearly and is communicating things to me in an amazing way. Never imagined that I could see her develop so quickly.B

Sharad Saxena
MySuperKid Registration Id: MSK-1121
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