Inference from Science of Brain Development & Development Milestones of Children
Children at this stage have the tendency to focus on only one aspect at one time. When children focus on more than one aspect at the same time, they have the ability to de-center. Hence, by involving them into the learning environment, we get their utmost attention.

Children at this stage assume that other people see, hear and feel exactly the same as they do. MySuperKid creates the learning experience based on their own world - i.e. the way they see, hear and feel.

At the beginning of this stage, children are often engaged in parallel play. That is, they often play in the same room as other children but they play next to others rather than with them. MySuperKid involves the children and make them play along with the characters.

Each child is absorbed in its own private world and speech is egocentric. That is, the main function of speech at this stage is to externalise the child’s thinking rather than to communicate with others. MySuperKid travels along with the children in their own world, simultaneously making them learn the concepts of language, mathematics, reasoning and the list goes on. Children at this stage have the ability to make one thing, a word or an object, stand for something other than itself.
Toddlers often pretend to be people they are not (e.g. superheroes, policeman, fairy) and may play these roles with props that symbolise real life objects. Children may also invent an imaginary playmate. Children begin to enjoy the participation of another child in their games and “let’s pretend” play becomes more important. MySuperKid makes use of children’s imagination to teach them all the concepts.

Children at this stage believe that inanimate objects (such as toys and teddy bears) have human feelings and intentions. Up to the ages 4 or 5 years, the child believes that almost everything is alive and has a purpose. MySuperKid uses this belief of children to engage them in learning experience.
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