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MyRobot is a personalized tutor and a wonderful companion for students

C To play with them
C To interact with them
C To help them in their studies, etc.

It tells students what to do.. How to do.. And when to do..

MyRobot teaches the students Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology which lay the foundation for their higher studies and make their life lively and inspires them to achieve their goal in an easy and scientific way.

Academic Triangle

In today’s life, both the parents are focused at career, leaving them with very little or no time for children. Hence the students face a vacuum in their academic triangle. MyRobot links the School, Tuition and Home in a manner that can prepare the student to utilize and plan his studies to achieve his short term and long term goals.

What MyRobot can do?

- Interconnection between Home, School and Tuition

MyRobot is here to fill the vacuum in the Academic Triangle. Our robot makes the student undergo a psychometric test and analyses his likes and dislikes, and hobbies and interests. It keeps in mind the academic goal of the student and prepares him scientifically to achieve it.


C Lesson plan preparation
C Pre-preparation of daily concepts
C Bridging the gap between School, Tuition and Home
C Scientifically monitoring the performance of a student
C Identify the capacity of a student
C Students can hear  stories from E-book
C It helps students to gain knowledge and exposure.
C It understands the circle of influence of the student.
C Scientifically comparing and analyzing his earlier performances

MyRobot not only helps in academic side but also in extra- curricular activities like cooking, sports, gardening, etc. apart from the rest and recreation activities like music, yoga, games, etc.

We are changing the way the world learns. Come be a part of this future; be a part of history being made. MyRobot will transform each child into an “ACHIEVER” for whom impossible becomes nothing.
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Personalised Robot for Teaching

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C Proven results

C Scientifically Designed Books

C Activity Based Books

Age 2 to 10 lays the foundation
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